Imagine having a large audience and not knowing what to do!

This is a challenging situation and many people fail to engage their audience effectively. Remember, if the audience loses interest, your entire event or presentation loses momentum. This is why it’s important to sit down, plan, and better understand what it takes to engage your audience.

Here are some of the most important tips and tricks to increase your audience engagement.

Set up Quick Polls

The best way to engage people is through 1-2 live polls during the event.

This is a good way to see what people have to say about your topic, what their mindset is like, and what side they’re leaning towards. Always set up a poll that’s interesting and will make people want to participate.

With the use of modern-day apps, it has become easier than ever to engage your audience. Simply set up a poll and get them to answer via a mobile app.

The simplicity of these solutions is why it’s such a great tool to have up your sleeve. With something as simple as a quick poll, your audience is going to be fully engaged and raring to go.

Initiate Short Surveys

Just like the quick polls, it’s never a bad idea to think about implementing short surveys.

These surveys are a way to see what people have to say about an event or topic. The survey helps pinpoint what parts of your event the audience liked and what they didn’t. All of this information is useful while setting up an event and thinking about the future. When the audience feels like they’re better engaged, it leads to a well-rounded experience for everyone. This is what you should aim for.

Gather Questions for an In-Depth Q & A Session

Audience members will always have questions and it’s important to tap into their curiosity. Instead of letting them sit on their questions, why not set up a concluding Q & A session at the end of your event? This is a great way to wrap up key points, engage the audience, and ensure all of their questions are answered.

To do this the right way, it’s best to gather questions and get the audience to vote on them through an app. This helps the moderator or presenter understand what the most important questions are while keeping everyone engaged at the same time. It’s a win-win and goes a long way in delivering your key point!

Final Thoughts

These are the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind when it comes to increasing audience engagement. The audience may love what you have to say in your presentation but they will remember the experience they have connecting with you and your content.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, the audience should never look bored.

This is when events fall apart and lose their quality. For modern-day events, it’s important to make sure the audience is engaged and it starts with the tips mentioned here. Implement these tips and watch as the audience livens up in minutes!