Polling, otherwise known as audience response, is another critical piece of total audience engagement.  With 2Shoes polling, there is no need for physical ARS devices (sometimes known as ‘clickers’).  Our polling is built into both our web-based and native applications allowing the attendee and admin to access their event and sessions anywhere at anytime.

Polling How-To:

    • After creating your event and session, scroll down the page and find the Poll area and click the “+” to create a new poll.
    • When creating a poll, enter the poll name, question, and answers.
    • After creating your poll, you will have three additional options to control how the poll is viewed. You can select publish polls, popup out polls (making them popup on the attendee side), and privacy (keep the results of the poll private)


  • Best Practice:  We always recommend publishing all polls before your presentations starts and then directing the attendees to click the Polls button to complete the poll.


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