2Shoes Event App

Learn about what features our web app can provide to your presenters, organizers and attendees to make your event stand above the rest.


Publish polls to the audience at any time and watch the data roll in live. No clickers needed and integrates with powerpoint.

Gather Questions for Q&A

Attendees ask questions and vote on which ones they want answered. This leads to a more efficient use of time.

Surveys & Evaluations

Gather feedback easily and efficiently from your attendees. Attendees can complete the survey before, at or after the event.

Document Distribution

Attach presentations, slides, or any other documents. Save time and money by making this information digitally available.

Exportable Data

After an event is over you can download all the data from your event and see what went best.


Presenters and attendees can easily create profiles. This allows everyone to know who is at the event and how to best contact them.