Today we are going to talk about some issues event coordinators have. We all know that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong! Using 2Shoes can help keep problems down to a minimum and events running smoothly. Below are the problems and solutions we frequently encounter.

  • Lost or low supply of documents, scattered information, and costly printing are a few issues that happen where tech solutions exist.
    • Our solution: to have all information consolidated. The 2Shoes app gives both the attendees and presenters access to an unlimited number of files that are related to the event. Easy access to everything, for everyone.
  • Presenters talk and then everyone crowds the stage, or attendees just leave without speaking with a presenter who would have been interested in what they had to say.
    • The 2Shoes solution is linking to presenters’ social media sites. Yes! If the presenters are willing to provide social media information, the attendees can easily follow them to keep up with their work or grab their email right in the app.
  • Cost on hardware devices.
    • Don’t want to pay for hundreds of clickers (ARS/Audience Response Systems)? You don’t have to! The 2Shoes app can be accessed on any device with a web browser. Save money and make the switch with new web app technology.
  • Small team with limited support
    • Your success is our success. At 2Shoes, we pride ourselves on our customer service, hoping to build relationships with clients that are much more personal than the bigger corporate applications. Emails and calls are responded to promptly and professionally so you are really gaining a teammate for your event.

The 2Shoes team makes event coordinators’ lives much easier, letting you focus on the specific details, making each event better than the last!