Powerpoint & 2Shoes

Powerpoint is used by many universities and organizations across the world. After hearing from customers about seamless polling and Q&A display, 2Shoes is happy to offer a plug-in from the Microsoft store that makes integrating with our app simple.

Live Polling

  • Display your poll results in Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Easily poll your audience and instantly see results.
  • Quiz your attendees and see results real-time.

Q&A Display

  • Show attendee questions as they are asked.

Items of Note:

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac Powerpoint 2013 and later, as well as Office 365.
  • Must download plug-in from Microsoft App Store on the computer you are presenting from.
  • Must have 2Shoes account and have purchased sessions to use the plug-in.

Detailed Instructions:

  • If you have not already, create a 2Shoes account HERE.
  • Within your account, create an event and session(s). See our getting starting guide HERE.
  • Create a poll. See how to use polls in THIS guide.
  • Open Powerpoint.
  • Click Insert, Add-Ins and then Store. Search 2Shoes and click Add.
  • Within this window, login using your 2Shoes account info.
  • To insert a Q&A feed, look under “Sessions” and click Create Slide next to the session for the feed you want to insert.
  • To insert a polling data screen, look under Polls and click Create Slide next to the poll you want to insert.  Make sure your polls are published on our app to see live data coming in.

How-To Video: