Being asked to speak for an event can be a bit nerve-racking. What happens if I show up with my laptop and it dies on me mid-presentation? What if my slides have audio and the speakers don’t work? What if they are using outdated software that doesn’t support my files/presentation?

These thoughts can go through our head and stress us out, whether they be valid thoughts or not. We’ve learned that those stressors no longer need to apply before a presentation. With 2Shoes, many of the details are handled by our web-based app, ready to access at any moment during presentations and lectures.

  • Documents organized by session

Sometimes speakers present more than a few times at conferences.  With 2Shoes, speakers can organize their documents for each session, making sure they have the right documents during each time slot.

  • Feedback/Questions

Nothing feels worse as a speaker than when people do not participate in a talk that is set-up to include participation. When using 2Shoes, we see a higher rate of participation and engagement from the attendees with thoughtful questions and answering polls.

  • No Fighting Technology

Often, it can be a struggle getting slides all set to go before speaking or trouble with links and audio in presentations that just do not want to work. With the 2Shoes app, you can be sure that everything will work the way they are planned, on any device with a web browser, and no download required.

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