Live Surveys

Surveys are a great way to gather feedback from your event, see what your attendees learned, and/or what they liked or disliked. Doing this through 2Shoes is also a great way to save money and the environment by going paperless. This technology will limit the time spent compiling data by hand for weeks after the event. The best part is you can gather data after your event ends by sending a link to each survey in an email to your attendees. All results are shown in the results tab.

How to set up Live Surveys:

If you have not already created an account on the 2Shoes platform that would be the first step to take. Go to to create your free account today!

After creating your account you will need to create an event or session to hold your event. You can follow the Getting Started Guide here.

Whether you are in an Event or Session, creating a survey or evaluation is the same. Simply click the “+” as shown in the picture below to launch the survey creation tool.

Note: You may be asking what the difference is between a Survey.

The Survey feature has the follow types of question choices for you to use. A visual of each of these in our app is shown below.

  1. True & False
  2. 3 -5 -10 Star Rating
  3. Text Field (0-200 Character Responses)
  4. Text Box (200-800 Character Responses)
  5. Numeric Responses (0-100)
  6. Single Selection
  7. Multiple Selection
  8. Likert Scale
  9. Ranking

You can control Surveys from the Admin panel in the 2Shoes application, as shown below. You can find these controls by going into the Event or Session where they are hosted and scrolling down to find them.

Publish: This will allow your Survey to be visible to those with a direct link or who access it through the app. If something is unpublished it will not be visible.
Pop-Up: This is a survey feature which will allow the survey to pop-up when the attendee enters the Event or Session the survey is held in.

Create Tiny URL: For direct access to a Survey you can create and Tiny URL and share that with your attendees. Tint URLs save time and increase the chance your users will respond.

Viewing Results

You can view and download your results by going to the Event or Session in which the Survey is being conducted and clicking the “Results” link in the menu, as show below.

This will open a popup which will allow you to see the results from each question asked.

Downloading Results

To download your results, click the “Results” menu item on the left side of the screen. This will open a page for you to select your event and session (if the Survey is in a session). When you select the Event, the data will automatically update with all the results for that event, any surveys held at this level can be access here by clicking the “Detail >” button beside the Survey. A screen will open to the right and show your results, similar to viewing results above.

You can now embed the Surveys into your website. See our Embed and API page for more information on that feature.

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Best Practice: Surveys are notoriously hard to get feedback after an event or session has concluded. For best results, show attendees where the button is in our app and take time out of the event for everyone to participate. Strong communication during your event is key to achieving excellent results with these features!

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