Live Polling

Polling, otherwise known as audience response, is another critical piece of total audience engagement. With the 2Shoes live polling feature, there is no need for physical ARS devices (sometimes known as ‘clickers’) as our app will handle all of the heavy lifting. Polling is built into our web-based or can be embedded into your website using an iframe to allow the attendee and admin to access their event and session information anywhere at anytime. Admins and attendees can view live polling results right from the app in real time or come back later and view results and statistics after the event has finished. Gather live responses for your meetings, conferences, and meetings with our interactive polling app.

How to set up Live Polling:

If you have not already created an account on the 2Shoes platform that would be the first step to take. Go to to create your free account today!

After creating your account you will need to create an event or session to hold your event. You can follow the Getting Started Guide here.

Whether you are in an Event or Session, creating a poll is the same. Simply click the “+” as shown in the picture below to launch the poll creation tool.

When creating a poll, enter the poll name, question, and answers.

After creating your poll, you will have three additional options to control how the poll is viewed.

Publish: This makes the polls visible to the attendees who access the Event or Session the Poll is held.
Pop Up: This will make the Poll popup in the attendees browser or mobile window once they enter the Event or Session where it is held.
Privacy: This feature keeps the results of the Poll private. You can toggle this after a certain time and the results will display on the users device if they have taken the Poll.

Create Tiny URL: For direct access to a Poll you can create and Tiny URL and share that with your attendees. Tint URLs save time and increase the chance your users will respond.

Full Screen Results: This link can be used to display your poll results live in front of your attendees

Viewing Results

You can view and download your results by going to the Event or Session in which the Poll is being conducted and clicking the “Results” link in the menu, as show below.

This will open a popup which will allow you to see the results from each question asked.

Downloading Results

To download your results, click the “Results” menu item on the left side of the screen. This will open a page for you to select your event and session (if the poll is in a session). When you select the Event, the data will automatically update with all the results for that event, any polls held at this level can be access here by clicking the “Detail >” button beside the poll. A screen will open to the right and show your results, similar to viewing results above.

You can now embed the Question Platform and Question Feed into your website. See our Embed and API page for more information on that feature.

Best Practice: We always recommend publishing all polls before your presentation starts. Also, directing the attendees to click the Polls button to complete the poll helps with utilization of the poll.

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