Live and Exportable Data

Another critical portion of successful audience engagement is data analysis. With 2Shoes you have all of the tools necessary to make well-informed judgments about your event or presentation. All of the data collected from Polls, Q&A, Surveys, and Evaluations is updated in real-time and viewable as results come in. Our results page presents this data in an easily accessible way so that you remain well-informed before, during, or after your event.

How to Access Live and Exportable Data:

If you have not already created an account on the 2Shoes platform that would be the first step to take. Go to to create your free account today!

After creating your account you will need to create an event or session to hold your event. You can follow the Getting Started Guide here.

To generate data to review, you will need to create an Event and Session, Polls, Surveys, or Evaluations. See the links provided to guide you through setting up one or all of those items.

General Data:

Data can be found by clicking the “Results” menu item in the left hand panel of the 2Shoes application. This will take you to the screen as shown below. You can select the Event to view all of the data from the whole Event or break it down by Session by selecting one from that Event.


Polling and Survey data can be live streamed from the app and can be displayed using the “Full Screen Results” in the admin panel, shown below, and broadcasting that screen via projector or some other technology.

Best Practice: The Results page offers event organizers and presenters a quick and easy path to tracking results globally in real-time. Moderators and presenters can use it in conjunction with their presentations to enhance audience engagement.

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