Employee training is something that happens at every organization, big and small. The employee training I want to talk about in this post is large corporate training. Large Corporations on-board anywhere from tens to hundreds and thousands of employees at a time causing some confused employees and leaving Human Resources (or whomever runs the training) with a headache.

The features that 2Shoes App offers Educational Conferences are also a great fit for employee training. The major concern that managers have about new employees is that they feel comfortable and encouraged so they perform well at their job. The 2Shoes Q&A and polling features are great ways to allow new hires a way to engage with trainers and managers.

Similarly to attendees feeling uncomfortable or shy in a large group at an event, new employees are well, new. So their mind is running all over the place, let’s give them a way to easily ask and engage with their trainer or new managers.

This was not something that we at 2Shoes had thought about until some of you used us in this way! Can you think of other good use cases for the 2Shoes feature set? We would love to hear from you!