At 2Shoes we are constantly learning about and looking for ways to make events better. During a call last week with a customer I learned that some of our customers are using 2Shoes to not only gather questions during the presentation but also gathering questions and ideas ahead of time to help determine the content provided. By opening up a particular topic and session to questions and ideas beforehand their presenters are able to make changes to the material they present.


Now, of course not all events can do this. If you have a big name speaker flying in they probably aren’t going to want to change their entire presentation last minute. But, for those out there who are organizing smaller, recurring events or, for example Grand Rounds at a hospital, this could be a great way to add value to your events, for both your attendees and speakers. Armed with this knowledge you could make changes to future events. Not only that, it will help your attendees get used to using 2Shoes before the event and get their minds primed for learning.


While we initially set out to increase participation and engagement during the presentations, we’re now learning from the event planners we work with that this engagement is at its best when it starts before the event and even continues after everything has been packed up at the venue.


So at your next event why not give it a shot? Open up your 2Shoes event page to your attendees early and see what little nuggets of information you can gather to help make your events better!