The event world is moving, shifting, growing and backstepping every season. This post will highlight a few things to think about while planning your summer event.  During recent trips to Texas and Arizona, we saw that conference season is in full swing, with many going on in the same conference centers and hotels. Read below to see what we learned from these recent events.


What can raise the chances of your attendees coming back next year more than memorable one-on-one connections that your event created? Games and activities at your event such as Mafia (look it up if you have not heard of this one), scavenger hunts, yoga, and gallery tours are becoming more popular.  Having these activities fixed in the few days of you event are where connections can bloom and aid in attendees getting more familiar with each other.


We can’t all have entertainment like SXSW, but, depending on where you are it could be easy to find a local comedy group, singer/songwriter, or street festival to visit. While in Austin, attendees of the event were encouraged to visit a range of live music venues, walk along the river, or visit the Pecan Street Festival. Although your conference is bringing folks together to learn, make sure they have other activities to enjoy.


From emails that include an attendees or customer’s name, to content that we know folks care about instead of mass emails, people want to be catered to. The most common form of personalization that we see these days is awards. At events that have a following and community, awards are an easy way to make people feel appreciated and engaged.

Thanks for tuning in for this week!