First of all, Happy New Year! This time of year is always an exciting time filled with resolutions, opportunities, and the chance to start fresh. We’re beyond stoked here at 2Shoes for the upcoming year!


This time of year is also a great time for reflection and today I want to do just that. When creating and building 2Shoes we all had an idea of how it would be used, however, what we have found is that the flexibility of 2Shoes has given many of our customers the chance to use it in ways and combinations we never really considered. Below are just a few awesome ways our customers are using our features:

Q&A: For us, this was a pretty straightforward feature. But what we’ve seen is not only are our event planners using it for the live portion but they’re also using it as a way to gather questions well in advance of the event, creating sessions that are used as a general question forum of sorts, and we’ve even seen it used as a way to share ideas on places to visit at one of our events in Hawaii!

Polling: From family feud style games to medical case studies we’ve seen our polling feature used in many different ways. Medical case studies are a great example of how a few of our CME customers are using this feature to quiz the audience in real time. Some are even using our polls as a pre/post test for attendees. Do you integrate case studies into your events? This can be a great way to post a photo or scenario on the screen and gather instant feedback from your attendees. Plus, you can always access the data later down the road!

Document Sharing: With the ability to now share web-links within 2Shoes we’ve seen the usage of this particular feature grow exponentially. From sharing a PDF copy of presentations slides to including a link to your membership page this is a great way to share information and provide future educational resources that your attendees will always have access to.

Surveys: When we initially set out to create an electronic survey for our customers we really envisioned it being used in the traditional sense, to gather some basic feedback on how the event went. Once again our pro customers have shown us multiple ways this feature can be used based on their needs. This, like our polls, has been used for pre/post testing at one of our medical events and worked great. Not only were the attendees able to take their pre and post-test but the organizers were able to see who had completed it, issue grades, and then certificates based on that data. We also have a great new customer that will be using 2Shoes primarily to gather demographic data on their audiences where there has been little to none in the past. Realizing their attendees (often times full of college students) would be more likely to complete a survey on their smartphone versus paper and pencil will give this organization some incredible data to help shape their future events!
We are so excited to see how our tools will be used this year and continue learning from you, the professional event planners! Make sure to send us any and all feedback on how we can improve 2Shoes for you and your attendees and we wish everyone a very happy 2017!