Getting Started Guide

Getting started with 2Shoes is easy and setting up an event on our app can be done in less than an hour.  Below are some directions on creating your account, profile, presenters, events, sessions, and links to more detailed pages about our other functions.


  • To create an account, follow THIS LINK and fill in the form.
  • Once you are logged in, click Profile to edit your profile or change your password.
  • Click Presenters to create and edit presenter profiles.  Once you create a profile and tag it to an event or session (within their respective edit pages), they will be emailed login access so they can do things like upload documents or create polls.


  • Create an event by clicking Events and New Event.  From here you can add the Event Image, Name, Discription, Event Code (the URL attendees will access our app with), optional Password, tagged Presenters and Event Documents.
  • To Edit an Event, click the event name in the left hand tool bar and then the down arrow to the right of it.  In this same menu, you can upload and view attendees, change the app color and archive the event (which makes it appear in Past Events).


  • Once you have created an event, you can create a session.  Please contact us to purchase sessions.
  • Click New Session and add Name, Discription, Associated Event, Date/Time, optional session code, tag Presenters, Attach a File and put questions in Online or Offline (questions need to be approved) mode.
  • To edit a session, click the event name, session tile and click Edit Session at the top of the page.

Here are links for specific instructions on Q&A, Polling, Documents and Surveys.


As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at